Black beauty

Black beauty

Photography by Lydia Kent

My 4 year old Lurcher, Mitch. My inspiration for this picture was my dad. This dog is his pride and joy, and I wanted to give him a personal gift, rather than chocolate and CDs. I wanted to frame the photo, showing off the landscape we live in – North Cornwall. We live on the edge of the moors, so finding a spot with natural beauty was pretty easy. The weather conditions were quite mild, and it was overcast and slightly misty, however these conditions, like the white sky, I feel made the surrounding colours pop. Green moss, grass and hedges and leafless trees really set the scene I think. The walkway bridge, where Mitch is lying on, crosses over a river. I have played on this bridge since I was a young child and I really felt including this bridge would be even more personal for my dad. It really helped that Mitch is the most obediant and photogenic dog you’ll ever meet. She hosts the charecteristics of a Greyhound (Lurcher – a mix of greyhound and collie), which is fairly shy, gentle and the most beautiful big brown eyes, and Collie – Playful, hardworking and loyal. This photo, which my dad framed, sits proudly on his work desk.


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