Children of Heaven review


Children of Heaven is a 1997 Iranian family drama film, in which Ali loses his little sister, Zahra’s newly repaired shoes on the walk home. The film is situated around how Ali and Zahra work together to share shoes, as their family is too poor to buy a new pair.

Situated in Iran, the film really displays how local Iranians live. Dusty alley ways, separated by open gutters and street markers and the well known mix of the beggars, working class and the higher class families living outside the town centers in exotic looking manors surrounded by high metal gates paints the separation between classes. Ali and Zahra are from a struggling family, doing odd jobs to make ends meet. This concept to me is a fresh and more real reality to the world. The film has no action, violence or romance, but the simple struggle of two poor siblings.

An important factor to this film is the amazing performances by Amir Farrokh Hashemian and Bahare Seddiqi (Ali and Zahra) and how they produce such real emotion. These actors are not Hollywood starlets and do not possess the need the to be famous, just the need to entertain us with this amazing little film. I think it is a shame this film is not well known, as it is a great little story showing respect and love between two siblings. However, one part of me loves how this film is so hidden away by blockbusters that it is like a little simple pleasure.

Children of Heaven is a great little film that represents middle eastern family respect, something that I feel the Western world lacks. A simple and heartwarming drama which will instantly put a smile on your face thanks to Ali and Zahra and their communication with each other and their love for each other.



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