Metal/Punk/Harcore bands you should listen to

Metal and punk has always been a big part of my life. It’s music that has real thought behind it. Real musicians who write their own lyrics and music. They are a rebellion to our rubbish society and a mind opener. Below are some bands that I think are an awesome two fingers up, and a great band to listen to for the shown reasons – 


Soundgarden – A proper 90s Grunge Band fronted by Chris Cornell. Soundgarden have been going for the best part of 17 years and were a massive alternative band linked with the hugely well know band, Audioslave in which Chris fronted aswell. Grunge is a slower, distorted sound and Soundgarden always pulled that off brilliantly. Their lyrics have always been an interesting insight, and something different, never generic.

Alexisonfire – Canadian post-hardcore band, unfortunately now not together, were an awesome screaming, yet melodic approach to love. Frontman’s Dallas Green’s folk and melodic voice backed with George Pettit’s screams made the perfect combination for any hardcore fan. Their lyrics always had the perfect amount emotion, without being whiny and “emo”, if you know what I mean. Definitely a go to band when wanting something a bit different.

Foo Fighters (1995 era) – Old style Foo Fighters were a great “follow on” from Nirvana, as Frontman Grohl was writing his work whilst in Nirvana itself.  The self titled album hosts amazing alternative work with great lyrics and in some ways mirrors Nirvana’s lyrics. However these day Foo Fighters are sounding very mainstream and not so different. But the 90s Foo Fighters is something that is hard to beat!

Nirvana – Giants Nirvana are one of those bands that everyone has heard of, and you’d know why. The perfect grunge material with lyrics that mostly don’t really make sense, but everyone catches some sort of emotion from them. Frontman Cobain had an amazing gravelly voice, filled with emotion and sadness and that captured every grunger’s heart. Cobain has been dead 19 years but he will be forever known and Nirvana will forever be a very popular grunge band with a difference.


Deftones – Californian alternative metal band Deftones have been around since the late 80s, and are still showing off their experimental side. With a new album out, which doesn’t sound anything like they have ever done before, they are still trying something new. Their melodic and “spacey” new stuff hosts exception new sounding lyrics, which is a far cry from their 90s nu-metal high school anger and drugs. To me their older stuff is better and more fun but their newer music has an amazing new feel to it. If you want some high energy nu-metal, interesting lyrics and Frontman Chino Moreno’s exceptional, powerful voice, listen to Deftones!



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