Animal welfare/rights and my view.


Growing up in Cornwall, surrounded by farms I have always been hands on with all types of animals. I grew up owning a dogs, cats, rabbits, fish, hamsters and ferrets and always enjoyed looking after them, it was a sense of responsibility. Back then I was oblivious to how some people treat, and think of animals, but these days I am most of the time shocked by people’s oblivious behaviour towards the animal –

When we sit down to ear our dinners, a roast, lasagne or whatever, many people don’t even think about what they are eating! It’s just an ingredient, just a filling, just food. But it’s not; you are eating what once was alive, had had a life. I am not a vegan, nor am I a vegetarian (I rarely really eat meat, but do sometimes), but I have strong feelings about animals, and I believe that even though animals were put on earth for humans to eat, we must also respect them and kill them for food in the most respectful way possible.

Animals were not put on earth to take the piss out of, to harm for fun, or to provide fur for fashionistas, for beauty.

Every year, thousands of dogs, raccoons etc fall victim to disgusting and vicious LIVE fur farming. A agonising process in which their fur is ripped from their skins, and then they are beaten to death, or left to die.  For more information on this vile process, to educate yourselves to shed a light on fur fashion, check out this link, supplied by PETA

That is just one act of cruelty that the world is oblivious to, there is many more, for example: The cruel way in which chickens are killed for the brand KFC, modified chickens, and cruelty within slaughter houses.

However, recently there has been some really good news –  As of  the 11th of March 2013, cosmetics tested on animals can no longer be sold in Europe, even if the testing was done outside Europe – An awesome step forward! To find out more on this new ban, check this link supplied from PETA

In my view, using animals to test cosmetics on is absolutely wrong. They go through being kept in tiny cages, injected with chemicals and lead no quality of life, all for beauty, and what we want.

If you would like to check up on more stories about animal cruelty, and what we do to them, sometimes without even realising, the PETA website is a fantastic site, with a vegan store, blog, features and more



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