My top 5 Youtubers

Out of the 82 subscriptions I have to various Youtubers, I have somehow managed to chop it down to just 5! These are people you should check out if you’re into comedy, beauty and sheer randomness!

5. JPMetz – JPMetz, or Justine, is a blunt, rude and extremely superior woman. She calls her fans “minions” and to them is Queen. She uses her sharp tongue to show us make up tutorials, life lessons and discuss general news and hype. She offers a different personality to the normal happy, cheesy American makeup woman and this is why she is in my list. Check out JPMetz’s channel:

4. Dope111 – Promise Phan, sister in law to the famous Make-up artist Michelle Phan, is the queen of transformations. She uses her make-up skills to completely transform herself into the unthinkable. Such transformations include: Beyonce, Michael Jackson, Corpse Bride, Avatar and Misty from Pokemon! She can completely erase her Asian features and turn her face into anything, and is an excellent artist! Check out Promise’s channel:

3. blndsundoll4mj – Trish Paytas is a Youtube personality who probably has more haters than lovers. Trish used to be a stripper and an escort, and is a part time actress. She models for plus size lingerie but the thing is, no one really knows if she is bluffing in videos or not! She calls herself a Christian, and is a Mitt Romney supporter and has very controversial videos will upset at least one person. Check out Trish’s channel:

2. Jenna Marbles – Jenna is a comedy genius. Her blunt attitude towards anything, along with her accent makes everything she says funny. She has a large male audience because she is hot, and a large female audience… because she is hot. Her videos normally have a gender theme, where she has a dig at generic women or men, and she even made a music video! Her two dogs, Marble and Kermit also feature strongly on her channel because of their sheer cuteness! She even made a foul mouthed music video called “Bounce that dick”  Check out Jenna’s channel:

1. Kassemg – Kassem is a dorky, tit mad comedian. He hosts many different kids of youtube shows on his channel such as “California on…” where he interviews Californians on random subjects, such as drugs, sex, aliens, religion, Christamas you name it, anything. He usually throws out innuendos to women and makes remarks on their breasts some way or another. Kassem also hosts a show called “Going deep with…” where he interviews porn stars. He plays a posh, strange man basically looking for some sex. Kassem is my favourite youtuber because he is versatile actor and can take on many personalities. His shows never fail to make me laugh and sometimes squirm! Check out Kassem’s channel:




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