Famous Journalist Lynn Barber plays interviewee, for once.

On Tuesday the 7th of May, Journalism students of Falmouth University had the chance to throw questions at well-known and forceful Journalist, Lynn Barber.

Lynn Barber is so well known for her forceful and intrusive nature towards artists and authors that many fear her interviews. But Tuesday, it was the students turn to lay into Lynn.

Lynn was asked questions by course leader, Jason Whittaker and was describing her life before her career. Everyone knew the fact that Lynn had allegedly slept with 50 men during her time at Oxford University. “I was briefly promiscuous when I was at Oxford University” she explained. This did create a few laughs amongst the audience of students. Lynn’s memoir book “An Education” was also on question. The book features her life and what she got up to, including a love affair with a much, much older man than herself.

Lynn began her career working for Penthouse Magazine. She was editorial assistant, literary editor, features editor and deputy editor but left to have children in 1982.

But Lynn is possibly better known for interviewing artists and celebrities, such as Salvador Dali and Jimmy Savile. With Jimmy Savile, Lynn prodded for an answer o the rumour of him liking little girls, a fact that was no known at the time, now heavily talked about. Speaking about artists, Lynn said: “People think that artists are interesting, but they are hard work to get stuff out of!” She continued: “I like them to be on edge, I like to milk them. Time is wasted when I am speaking, so I try to make it interesting for them, make things specific”.

Lynn went on to say her original plan was to be a film star, something that obviously didn’t take off. Perhaps because of her bossy personality, who knows?

One thing is for sure though, Lynn has interviewed some interesting people, including the tired and depressed, such as Spike Milligan and Audrey Hepworth. She explained: “There have been one or two when I encountered people that were so tired and depressed that I thought, “Maybe I shouldn’t be doing this?””

She continued: “However I have got to know some beautiful and silent women. I hate anything of women attacking women”.

Lynn came across and willing to share her story, but still sported her slightly harsh and critical personality, something tha perhaps held some students back from asking her questions. But as always Lynn was intensively interesting and gave many opinions on Journalism and how it should be done, according to her anyways.

lynn baber


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