America Still Tempting To The Irish (Blog news story)

It’s well known that there is a massive Irish community in the US – Thousands of Irish families immigrated there for due to the famine, and to be rid of British oppression. Families were being torn apart, killed and turned into slaves due to Britain forcing their way in to own them, so anyone can as why they escaped to America for the American Dream, where everyone was now free. However I asked the question: “So why are the Irish still moving over there?”. I asked Eddy Fitzgerald, who moved to Arizona from Tallow, Co. Waterford two years ago, what the appeal was, and why would he want to leave his home country?

“I moved over there as I had met a new woman over in Arizona”, he continued: “As an Irishman I know I would be accepted there as everyone seems to love the Irish, and you are never too far away from a fellow Irishman!”.

If you have been to Tallow in Waterford, you’d know how dire the work situations is. Being on the dole is a common thing over there, but it is not due to laziness, there really is no jobs unless you can move to the nearest city, Cork.

“Tallow isn’t all bad, I have great mates there and there is always some craic going on. Recently one of my best friends, Paul Donnelly died, and because I haven’t received my green card yet, I couldn’t fly home to say my goodbyes. That was really hard.”

However in Arizona, Eddy met his now wife Leonor, and they had a baby girl.

“I do like Arizona, and the American lifestyle. There is always something to do! The heat, I don’t like though!”

Eddy plans to travel back to Ireland next summer, to see his family which he hasn’t seen in over two years and to say his goodbyes to his best friend, Paul Donnelly.


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