News and Magazine reflection post 1

As part of our News and Magazine module, we have been asked to produce a magazine of our choice within groups of 5-6. The outcome is to realise how a magazine go through the processes to produce something that sells.


I joined a group of students in my class, and we came up with the idea to produce a kids history magazine. Something that all apealled to us as it sounded fun to make and research. Kids history magazines normally sell well, and the very popular “Horrible Histories” magazine is no exception. A globally known successful magazine with interesting history facts aimed at kids with catchy titles such as: “The terrible Tudors”, and “The vicious Vikings” is a top magazine for us to research and idolize our magazine concept on. It was so successful it even had TV serious made out of it, expanding it’s audiences and creating more outlets.

As a group, our first meeting was to discuss research strategies and to chat about what we’d like to include and how to lay it out. We discussed topics, design and how to write in a fashion in which will interest our target group. We also discussed and planned mood boards in which we will present in the Dragon’s Den style product pitch for the following week. Our mood boards will present what designs, fonts and magazines we like, and another mood board filled with kids magazine designs, fonts and cartoons to show what we are researching and the current kids magazines that are inspiring us.

The plan for next week includes presenting our research and ideas Dragon Den style to a professional in the industry, and to research how the magazines are written in a way that interests kids.


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