News & Magazine reflection post 2

On Tuesday the 22nd of October, me and my magazine group presented our ideas infront of Wed Magazine’s two founders. We outlined how our magazine concept “History’s Mysteries” would appeal to our target age group (7+) and what we would like to feature in our magazine. “Histories Mysteries” will be a kid’s history magazine which along with being fun to read, will educate them with the worlds most interesting history. We explained we would like to include competetions, illustrations, features and puzzles for the kids and also include free toys/stationary.  We also had created mood boards, where we had basically made a board filled with examples of what inspires us in terms of a kids magazine. We included colourful and interesting fonts, existing kids magazine covers, illustrations, and cartoons to show how we base our magazine on. Wed magazine founders seemed to like our idea, and said there was a gap in the market for another kids magazine as the industry is always growing and expanding. They also gave us good advice, such as how we should write, our grammar and certain illustrations. After the presentation we then decided to write down who is doing what in the group. I was assigned to writing features, along with another group mate.


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