News & Magazine reflection post 3

On the 29th of October, 2013, me and my magazine production group met up in our seminar to talk and plan about features and reviews that we would like to feature in our first issue. Maritime relared, our features and reviews must be exciting and interesting for kids, and include some factual informations.

A couple of the group members wanted to work on writing a feature about the river Thames, it’s history and what has changed. Another chose to write a feature/review on Falmouth’s Maritime mueseum.

With a rich history of sea life stories, I have chosen to stay in Cornwall and search for mysteries and stories kids would love to read about. But with the others doing a more history based feature, I decided to do a feature/review on Gweek’s Seal and Sea Life Sanctuary. I plan to write this feature in a review type way, explaining to kids to beg their parents to come, as the sanctuary offers views of sea life, feeding times and other fun events and activities.  I also decided to plan a small interview with an employer there, in a profile format, explaining what he or she does at the sanctuary, what they like doing, what they don’t, with a small profile picture next to said interview. That way the kids can get some information of what it is like working there.  I also decided to take some good action shots of feeding time, as I thought kids would love to see seals and penguins in action, and learn what and how they eat.

Also, I wanted to take down some information, such as a “fact file” of how seals and pengins are looked after, what they like to do and eat and so on, to make the feature as factual but interesting as possible.

I plan to visit Gweek Seal Sanctuary on Friday the 8th of November.



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