Revlon’s Colourburst Lipstick in Plum Review


As we have just entered Autumn, I decided to buy a new lipstick from Revlon, my favourite lipstick brand. Normally I’d go for nude colours or light reds, but as always, bold dark reds in Autumn are bang on trends, so I though Why not?

I always thought dark colours look awesome on paler skins, and since I am medium toned I didn’t think it would suit me, but I bought it anyway, at least to try! My initial thought was great packaging, yet again. I love the matte black criss cross design which makes it look sophisticated and classy. Once opened, the colour looked amazing. A sort of plummy brown/red which is so new to me.

I swatched the colour on the back of my hand, and the colour pay off is great, which is typical of Revlon. It’s a kind of creamy, thick consistency, with a great deep, rich colour.


I applied the colour to my lips using my Barry M lip brush for precision, and was immediately impressed with the richness, and I didn’t even need to apply a second coat! There is a slight glossy finish which is great as I don’t like lip gloss, and it for a pretty long time – 5 hours even with eating and drinking. (I made sure to blot my lips with tissue when applied).

I bought this lipstick for £7.49 from, and I recommend to anyone wanting to try a bolder colour than they are used to. It is easy to blend out, and is long-lasting, and won’t bleed away. Try it! Be a bot more daring this Autumn!


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