Asos Curve Look Book & What I’m loving this season

Image ImageImageImageImage


As a big fan of dark and edgy clothing, I am always on the lookout for different textures and layering options to wear this autumn and winter. I love black lace, and sheer clothing that shows a lottle bit of skin, but without looking too trashy.

I’m a plus size/curvy girl, and sometimes I find it hard to find clothes that suit me, but ASOS never fails. Their “curve” range is amazing and stylish, with revealing but classy clothing, which I love!

At the moment I am in love with PVC clothing, such as skirts and leggings, which give an outfit an edgy, sexy twist, and I also love green parkas!

When buying tops or dresses, I always go for cleavage showing options as when covered, my bust looks a bit, well, suffocated? I have a big bust and covering them in full does not look good!

Here are a few items I am loving this season. All of the above can be found on ASOS Curve, enjoy!


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