Make Up Lookbook for Autumn

fall2 copper fall plum


smokey ombre ombre1


It’s late Autumn/fall and everyones switching their wardrobes and make up for darker, more layered looks.

Ombre hair is still bang on trend. The brunette to golden look screams autumn leaves and looks so pretty wavy or straight. It is a neat look with some edgyness, and can be styled in any way and it would look great.

Smokey, gradient eyes are back on trend too. Summer was all about bright colours and pops of colour, but Autumn always calls for smokey eyes with purples, oranges and and greens. Blended out so there is no harsh lines, smoke eyes are a sexy, sultry addition to your eyes! Don’t forget the lengthening mascara black liquid eyeliner.

And for nails, Barry M have an amazing range of colours, textures and effects. Pair a matte black polish with shiny addition to the tips for a classy look, or take advantage of their effects range and go glitter mad. Golds, browns, purples and black are on trend for this Autumn!

Lips always benefit from deep purples and reds in Autumn. It’s dark, vampy and sexy, and suits fuller lips.


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