MAC Zoom Lash Mascara Review


So for Christmas, a gift I received happily was MAC Cosmetic’s Zoom Lash mascara in Zoomblack.

I had once received a sample of this mascara in another Mac purchase and instantly fell in love with it. It made my lashes, which are a little pathetic in thickness, super thick and lengthy.

The mascara promises to give your lashes major drama that lasts all day, and has a velvety formula that coats every lash and does not smudge.

Upon opening the tube, I realised that the wand was a nice, medium-sized wand. I hate overally big wands as they tend to be to big for my eyes, and I end up getting mascara everywhere. The wand has little spikes all over with a spikey top, which to me is good to be used for getting the little lashes that are really hard to reach in the corner of your eyes.

Before: My lashes are okay in length, however they are not very thick, and are lacking in volume.

no mascara

After: My lashes are now thicker and have a bit of extra length. Lots of volume!

mascara 1

When applying, the formula really did excel that was described on the website. It was velvety, thick and easy to apply. The wand was just right in size, and it really gave my lashes a massive boost! Also, I did apply a second coat after the picture above, which gave it even bigger volume and drama. I would definitely recommend using a second coat!

This mascara is probably one of the best mascaras I have ever used. It is probably a little better than Benefit’s They’re Real mascara which I also love. For £14.00 it is so worth the money. The formula lasts on your lashes all day without smudging and smearing, and your lashes stay massive all day too! I would definitely recommend this mascara! However, if it is a little to pricey for you, try Maybelline’s Falsies mascara. It is just as amazing and half the price!



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