News and Magazine Reflection post – Sea Monster illustrations & final touches

My latest contribution towards the groups magazine is my news article about the Thalattoarchon saurophagis fossil found in the US. It had been found in 1998 but in 2010 it was full dug up and the fossil showed that the creature was in great condition still. It’s teeth were still in god condition, and they were found to be very large and sharp. The fossil itself proved that the creature would have been able to take down prey of its own size, which is around the size of a bus. I thought this was a great story for kids, as many kids love the mystical side to the seas, and a bus sized sea monster would be massive to a kid.

Image Image

Illustrations by Animation graduate Matthew Scouler

The above images display what illustrations I received from Matt. I told him I wanted something along the lines of this:


This was the image on the National Geographic site for kids. And I wanted my illustration to be based on this, but more arty and sketched. I am very pleased with what Matt has drawn me, including the bus!

As the deadlines got closer, I got myself working a little faster to make the finishing touches to my work. I added some details to my articles, reviews and features. I added some more quotes and included the page numbers. Something I nearly forgot!


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