News & Magazine Relfection Post (Puzzles, photoshop and final touches)

For our final session before than hand in the next day, we were all working on our own tasks. My task was to find a couple of kid friendly ocean themed puzzles. I searched though the internet and finally found a couple of puzzles including a crossword and a maze. I picked these as the cross word is quite educational, and the maze is fairly challenging. Once picked, me and Harley edited them on Photoshop. We changed the colours and backgrounds to fit the magazines style. Once done, Corey layed them out on InDesign. We also edited the magazines front page, changing it’s colours and images from a busy under the sea feel, to a more basic but more sophisticated wave feel. We kept the hands, something that we’ve have since the start.

In this session I also updated this blog, and printed out my blog url for my separate submission, along with a self assessment form.


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