Why plus size model Denise Bidot is my idol


 Denise Bidot is a plus size model, star of Curvy Girls and mother all in one. An amazing package, right?

I first came across Denise Bidot whilst reposting random pictures of curvy models on my tumblr, and I found the picture in particular (Above) that I thought was beautiful. underneath was her name – Denise Bidot.

After googling her, I found out that she was in a show called Curvy Girls on Nuvo TV, a network for Latinas. As a plus sized girl myself I decided to watch. I often get down and depressed because of the way I look, my weight etc, so I thought this would be a good way to make myself feel better and embrace my curves.

The show is situated around The Curvy Girls: Denise Bidot, Lorna Litz, Ivory Kalber and Rosie Mercado and their modeling life, and social lives. Lot’s of drama and amazing clothes!


I found Denise to be the most down to earth one, and that is true in reality too. She is an awesome role model for women, spreading the message that you don’t have to be slim to be sexy!

Denise models for many plus size fashion sections such as Forever21 and many more, and personally I love seeing her model clothes! She models fashion and lingerie and is so versatile! It’s often been said that clothes look better on curves, and I truly believe that. Clothes seem to fit well over curves, rather than draping over thin bodies we see a lot on  the catwalks.


 Denise is also a single working mother, which is very inspirational, to all mothers across the globe. Juggling a modelling and acting career along with a small child is bound to be very, very hard.

As I have stated, I am a curvy girl and often find it hard to find clothes that actually suit my curves. Denise has inspired me to take more of a chance with daring clothes and not feel so bad about being bigger than some girls.



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