MAC Eyeshadow in Shadowy Lady Review


MAC Cosmetic’s Shadowy Lady eyeshadow is a matte, blackened plum colour. It is a very dark deep purple with browns and is a very intense colour.

I decided to buy this product because I had ran out of dark plum colours, which I do tend to rely on a lot as I tend to do dark smokey looks. A

At first glance it looks almost like a dark colour with no purple. But once you put it under the light and swatch it, the purple does come out.


As this eyeshadow is a matte, you can definetely build the colour up. And I do recommened building on it because it’s not the most pigmented at first. But it does have really good quality when used with a primer such as the Too Faced one that I love and use all the time!


I feel this eyeshadow would suit any eye colour, especially browns as it is intense and a great colour to create a sexy smokey look with. I would recommened using it with a vivid bright purple along the bottom lash line for a bright pop!

As always it’s a MAC so the quality is great, and the packaging is professinal and neat looking. It’s £12.50 from the MAC site, and well worth that price in my opinion. But use a primer to really make the colour pop and be as good as it can be!


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