Interview with Plus Size model Lexi Placourakis


Lexi Placourakis is a plus size model, mother, and student all in one amazing package. Lexi has modelled for Skorch Magazine, Hips and Curves and Curve Appeal amongst others, and is a real inspiration to women who don’t fall under the “Skinny” category. As a plus sized girl myself, I struggle with my shape and weight, but after reading Lexi’s responses to my questions I feel more at ease, this is why:

I am a big fan of yours as I am too a plus size curvy girl. However I find it hard to stay happy and healthy! How do you maintain your health, and do you watch your weight?

I wasn’t always happy and healthy I battled how I felt about myself and my weight for really long time, and eventually came to a turning point when I was about 20 years old and decided to make a change and I did. My diet was the first thing I altered everything else came after that. By no means am I one of those obsessive people in the gym everyday. But nutrition is a huge factor in staying healthy.

How long have you wanted to be a model for? And do you have any idols?

I’ve been a signed model for about 7 years now! I do I have many the regular big names like Robyn Lawley & Denise Bidot but really all my girls I’ve worked with or know in the industry. I love keeping up with their careers and seeing their beautiful faces all over.

Where do you like to shop for sexy, fashionable clothes?

Well I get a lot of things from Victoria’s Secret they have a lot of things in XL as well as shoes in my larger size which is a 10. ASOS have a lot of awesome pants and a bigger sizes as well. A lot of my dresses are from BEBE or even the Kardashian Kollection, their line out of London I believe you can buy it thru Lipsy, they have awesome dresses that hold you In All the right places.

Have you ever battled low self-esteem about yourself? And if so, how did you combat it?

Yes all thru high school I hated on myself, and had a huge issue binge eating, I dealt with it for a while and even went through a phase of telling myself and other people that I loved myself which was a complete lie, then one day it clicked, I just woke up and did it. I started changing my diet which is what made the biggest impact on my weight, and soon added working out into the mix. I lost 60lbs which I didn’t know till I got a scale randomly one day. I just stopped working as hard when I came to a place I was felt happy, sexy and confident and then was little easier on myself diet and excercise wise. 60lbs just happens to be the number that was right for ME to lose. Every person is different. Soon after I lost my weight I became pregnant, and during my pregnancy only gained 35 lbs. People ask how it was so easy for me to lose the baby weight, it’s cause I didn’t gain that much to start. It’s took 3 months for the baby weight to go and I’ve been back to normal ever since. I still have days I look in the mirror and feel like everything I’m trying on is horrible. But I think that’s just part of being a girl.

What kind of shoot is your favourite kind and why?

My favorite type of shot would have to be lingerie or swimsuit although I love shooting period. Showing off my curves is what I have the most fun doing!

Do you think the fashion world would benefit from some more curvier models?

Of course it would, but more importantly so would society. I think if different shapes and sizes even if different looks than what we are used to seeing graced the covers of magazines it would take pressure off girls to look a certain way.

As you’re a young/single mum, how do you juggle working as a model and looking after a child? And what do you do to relax?

Well being a mother comes before everything modeling is a bonus. I am so fortunate to be able to make my raising son my full time job. Being a single mom has its obstacles (and I know there are single moms that have it so much harder than me) but I think there are obstacles when you’re a mother period. I wouldn’t have it any other way. As far as relaxing lol I’m sure I can speak for all moms when I say relaxing leaves your vocabulary the second you become pregnant but I do try to take time for myself while My son is sleeping but to be honest, I rather go on an adventure with my son, travel or read with him then go sit and relax at a spa. There are to many memories to make and not enough time I’ll relax when I’m dead.

What’s your advice for girls wanting to get into the plus size modelling industry?

Go for it! Don’t let societies standards make you feel like you couldn’t reach your goals. Take advantage of social media, send your book to companies and agency’s get your self out there you’d be surprised how many of my clients are from the marketing of myself, and If YOU are happy with yourself and you feel good, sexy and healthy OWN IT! Who cares what people think?!

And finally, what are your plans for your future?

That’s the hardest question on here! Well watching my son grow, learning from him, teaching him and being the best mother I can be is defiantly as big a part of my life now as it will be in my future. I’d love to keep traveling, making memories with my son and rest of my daily is so important. Finishing up my degree and putting that to use. As far as modeling, I’ll take that as far as it will let me. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again; there are always younger, prettier and newer faces out there that are in the making as we speak, i don’t expect to be booking jobs forever, but I can say I hope I can continue to be an inspiration as long as I can.

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You can find out more about Lexi on her website:, or her Facebook:


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