News & Magazine Production 2 – Depression & Exercise feature planning


For one of my features for my groups positive thinking magazine I plan to write about depression, and how it is possible to combat the disorder with healthy eating and exercise.

As a sufferer of Depression myself and a keen gym member, I have quite a few good inputs and ideas to write about. I plan to open the feature with a compelling introduction about Depression, and who it can affect, and perhaps some statistics. The facts and statistics should help the reader find out a little more about Depression, and that it is fairly common.

I plan to get in contact with a local gym instructor who can offer some good information and tips about combatting low mood with exercises, and I also plan to contact a dietician about healthy eating and its beneficial effects on body and mood.

I want this feature to be as compelling as it can be, and something for readers to find helpful, but easy to read with a friendly but knowledgable tone.

I also plan to have some good graphics for this feature. I want to include photos of the two people I plan to interview, and some images of perhaps some low intensity exercises, and high intensity too. I also want to include perhaps some calming images such as a run/walk on the beach, or even some sea swimming images. I find really good images to enhance features amazingly, as some people are drawn more to visuals than words.

I want the feature to have a pure, clean look with either white, or light blue tones. I feel this will give the feature a more professional and calming look.


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