MAC Eyeshadow in Satin Taupe review



Satin Taupe by Mac is a taupe and silver shimmer frost eyeshadow, and is great for everyday smokey eyes, to glamourous going out eyes, here’s why:

Taupe is a dark tan colour with undertones such as purples and bronzes. This eyeshadow in particular has an understated shimmer which works well with everyday smokey eyes because of its earthy colour which works really well with dark eyes. Used lightly, Satin Taupe can make your eye look sexy, but toned down and sensible when blended well, and used on its own.

When used for a more glamorous look, Satin Taupe’s dark rich colour blended with purples and blacks is perfect for an intense and sexy eye look. It’s shimmer can be added to with other shimmery colours to really pump up the glamour, and will look gorgeous on any colour when going dramatic!


As always with Mac eyeshadows, the quality is outstanding, and the colour pay off is too. I swiped the eyeshadow onto my hand twice and this was the pay off! Under the light you can really notice the shimmer and bronze undertones, and it is really pretty to look at. On its own the staying power is fine, but with a primer, it will last all night!

I recommend this eyeshadow to everyone. It suits all eye colours, and it is an amazing product to blend and mix with for any make up look. For £12.50 you get amazing quality and an amazing colour which not a lot of drugstore makeup stands stock.


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