Combatting Acne


Most people have expereinced some level of Acne at some point in their lives, most commonly appearing in the adolescence stage. It is a very common skin condition and nothing to be worried about, however if you feel it is getting worse, and or making you feel worse, always go to your doctor to see what is available for you!

I myself suffered from Acne from the age of 16 to around 18. It was moderate to severe, and very unsightly, lowering my confidence, and making me feel ugly. Because my Acne was fairly severe sometimes, I was prescribed the contraceptive pill from my doctor, and whilst this obviously protected me from getting pregnant, it also dramatically improved my skin, and still does. Without going all sciency, basically the pill controls your hormone levels, which then controls your oil levels in your glands, lowering how much sebum is getting blocked in your pores. I was also prescribed antibiotics, however these made no impact.

You will only be prescribed the contraceptive pill if your Acne is moderate to severe, but there are other ways to help combat Acne, which I still use and help make a dramatic difference on flare ups:

Drink plenty of water: Everyone says it, but it is seriously the most important part! Drinking enough water will help flush out toxins, and help to keep your skin clear by reducing oil and bacteria being produced.

Eat sensibly: Fatty, sugary and processed foods are linked to bad skin! This does not mean go on a diet and lose weight, it means eat fresh foods and plenty of it. Fruit and vegetables contain a lot of water and vitamins, and are key to help clearing skin!

Clean your make up tools: If you are a make up lover like me, you are probably aware you need to spot clean, and deep clean your brushes once a week. The fibres in the brushes pick up and hold on to bacteria, and you will be spreading these germs all over your face again everytime you use them! Baby shampoo and anti-bacterial handsoap are good for cleaning brushes, so scrub away!

Cleanse, tone, moisturize: A skin care routine will help keep your skin clear. Cleansing your skin with a foam, or exfoliating face wash will rid your skin of make up and dirt. I find using an exfoliating wash a few times a week helps the most, as it scrubs off dead skin cells and oils. Toning is super important, and something I NEVER forget to do! A good toner will clear your skin of any left over make up and oil. Finally, moisturizing helps lock in the products you have used, and helps to keep your skin supple.

There are lots of steps you can take to help combat Acne (There are too many to list!), but these 4 steps are the most important, and will help you on your way. Time is your best friend on this one, and you probably won’t see any changes straight away, but give it a couple of weeks and take it seriously and you could be seeing some really good improvements!



One thought on “Combatting Acne

  1. All of your tips are helpful. In my experience, products with salicylic acid are good to use when you see a breakout bubbling up. They dry out the area along with dealing with skin redness. You can get products with that active ingredient at Walgreens or Rite Aid. Hope this is helpful

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