News & Magazine Production 2 – “Taming the Black Dog with Excercise”


I decided on the title of my main feature – “Taming the Black Dog with exercise”. I got this idea from the common nickname for depression called “The Black Dog”. I found this nickname to be petty descriptive in itself as if you have depression, sometimes you feel it is following you around, like a dark coloured dog.

Once the title was decided, I started to compile all my information from the gym manager I interviewed and wrote up my feature. I included some information of a study about mice by Michael Lehmann , and how they behave with exercise and without it, and their overall health after the experiment.

I also included some information about Mel, and her history with depression and why she started exercise, and how she got to where she is today – managing a gym and teaching classes and how that makes her feel teaching people to improve their health and lives.

Overall I find my feature to have a really strong subject. I feel it is easy and interesting to read, with some good pictures, and a lot of helpful information as Mel kindly gave me some tips into combatting depression with exercise.

My next step will to be get Mika, another group member, to proof read it and add any information that I may have missed.





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