News and Magazine Production 2 – News story and deadline


For my news story I had some struggles finding a topic, but I came across a news story about a decline in male carers in the UK. This made me think of a friend I have, Tomas Connolly who works in Age Concern UK and I remember him telling me he really enjoys it and it makes him feel happy.

I interviewed Tomas with questions based around why he works as a carer, and what does it mean to him. I wanted the news story to revolve around Tomas and his feelings towards caring, and if he finds that the caring industry is declining. I also wanted to include a photo of Tomas helping in the Age Concern residence, but photos were not allowed in the building, so I settled on just a photo of Tomas himself to add some visuals to the story.

Tomorrow is the final deadline, and as a team we are working very hard together to get everything finished and perfect. When work is completed we each send our work around to be proof read and checked over to make sure it is fine with everyone. We also have collectively as a groups selected the final layout design and details of the blog that we are posting our work on.

As a group I feel we have worked pretty well and our communication out of lectures have been really good. We have all talked and discussed in and out of lectures and have met up out of uni hours to discuss and work.



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