What I do at the gym

I’ve always liked moving and being active, whether that meant swimming or dancing, but as soon as I started university, I found the gym.

Falmouth University's gym
Falmouth University’s gym

Falmouth University’s gym is spacious with a great range of machines and equipments to suit everyone’s goals; weightloss or muscle-building. They also do classes in the week and weekends including: Spinning, Kettlebells, Zumba etc at great prices.

After an injury last year, I am now trying to rebuild my fitness and excel what I had before, this means I am sculpting my body with weightloss and muscle toning combined.

If you too are trying to lose weight or gradually build muscle tone, take a look at what I do, and perhaps try for yourself!

(I never workout on a full stomach, so I wait at least 1.5 hours before working out after eating)

  • I start off with a walk on the treadmill and I build up the incline as I go along, normally to around 4 and I increase the speed after a few minutes. I also try to run for a minute or two or until it is uncomfortable. (Leg injury means I cannot run as well as I did). My treadmill time at the moment is usually 20 minutes.
  • After that I move onto the crosstrainer where I will use that for around 15 minutes. I do this on a medium speed but increase the speed for the last few minutes.
  • Next I use the climber. I admit, I find this machine the most difficult and it tires me out quickly, but my time on it has been increasing. Usually I will spend 5 minutes on this.
  • After the climber I will use a bike, normally on level 8 for around 10 minutes, increasing the speed at the last few minutes.
  • I will then sit on a mat and do some stretches including hamstring stretches and calf stretches. This stretch time also gives my body a quick rest.
  • After that I move onto the hip abductors machines where I work on my outside and inside thigh muscles. I normally reach for around 30 on each machine, slowly.
  • I then will use the squat machine and push for as many as I can do. I can normally do quite a few and I enjoy this workout.
  • Lastly I will use some arm strength machines/dumbbells and work on my arms. I don’t have a lot of arm strength so these can be particularly hard!

Another reason I do all this is because I get a great buzz afterwards which is good for stress and depression. It helps me sleep better at night, and obviously I love seeing the physical benefits!

Gym selfie
Gym selfie

If you have any tips for me to try regarding leg injury, weight loss or toning, please give me a comment at let me know. Otherwise, I hope this helps some of you!




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