My Barry M Nail Polish Collection

So, as you guys know, I am a massive Barry M fan, especially the polishes! Not only do they have a MASSIVE range of colours, effects and textures, but Barry M do not test on animals. Truthfully, I only buy nail polishes from Barry M, and it doesn’t break the bank!

I have just had a little clear out, so I had to get rid of a few as they were a couple of years old and had gone a bit gloopy, but here are my current Barry M polishes in order from left to right:

  • Ruby Glitter – A black and red glitter
  • Berry Cosmo – A deep red/plum matte
  • Raspberry – A slightly deep red matte
  • Pomegranate – A hi-shine pinky red
  • Vivid Purple – A glittery deep purple
  • Mocha – A light brown, milk chocolatey matte
  • Mediterranean – A metallic orange/aquarium collection
  • Caspian – A metallic gold/Aquarium collection
  • Treasure Chest – Gold flake/Aquarium collection
  • Damson – A hi-shine blue
  • Aqua Glitter – A very glittery blue
  • Seaside –  A LE glittery light blue
  • Greenberry – A li-shine pastel light green
  • Prickly Pear – A hi-shine light purple
  • Nude – A nude/light pink
  • Diamond Glitter – A silver glitter
  • Clear – A clear base coat/top coat

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