My everyday eyeliner look


As a MASSIVE fan of liquid eyeliner, I am always creating dramatic and edgy looks with my eyeliner to draw attention to my eyes, and make them stand out.

My most frequent look is a elongated winged out effect; defined from corner to corner, and completed with a couple of coats volumizing mascara, this look sees me through almost everyday, and I even use the technique on nights out!

How I create this look: (I use Barry M’s Liquid Eyeliner in Black, and also their Lash Vegas Mascara)

  1. Draw a thin line from the inner corner and stop at the outer corner following your lash line.
  2. At the outer corner turn your brush, pencil or tip/whatever you’re using at a slight diagonal angle and lightly draw a line outwards.
  3. At the end of the line, draw down towards your initial line to make a triangle shape and fill in.
  4. Thicken your initial eyeliner line so that everything is even and smooth.
  5. Use a softer but dark colour such as a deep purple and blend this along your bottom lash line, but do not put it in the inner corner if your eyes are already small.
  6. Finish the look by curling your lashes and applying some volumizing mascara.

Hope that makes sense! Enjoy!


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