Revlon Beyond Naturals Defining False Lashes Review

Revlon's Beyond Natural lashes and Duo lash glue
Revlon’s Beyond Natural lashes and Duo lash glue

As a makeup obsessive, I love using false lashes to define and give my eyes a sultry boost. Yet I hate over the top, drag queen lashes that looks really false and too over the top. To me that does nothing for the eyes, and it actually makes them look worse. When I look for lashes, I normally choose some natural looking lashes that although long, and dramatizing, are still look relatively real.

I picked up these Beyond Naturals lashes by Revlon as they didn’t look too false, and Revlon are a pretty trustworthy brand.  They came with two pairs of lashes which I thought was a good deal, as I tend to lose lashes as much as I do hair bands! However, these sets do not come with lash glue, so you will have to buy some glue separately. The packaging suggests buying with Revlon’s own lash glue, but I just used my clear Duo glue which is a great adhesive for all lashes.

When unpacking I was pleased about how natural and sensible they looked, and I didn’t even have to trim them to fit my eyes which is another plus. I took a pair out and carefully smeared some Duo glue on the bands of each strip and let them get tacky for around 30 seconds before setting them on top of my own lashes.

My method is using tweezers to carefully plant the lashes on the middle of my own lash line, and then pull the corners into place with tweezers, sometimes holding them down at the corners for extra hold. I then bind them together with my own lashes with mascara. This method is a little time consuming, but once you’ve done it a couple of times, you will become a pro.

Without false lashes
Without false lashes
The false lashes give a sultry and defined edge to my eyes
The false lashes give a sultry and defined edge to my eyes

As you can see, these false lashes from Revlon give my eyes a sultry and sexy look without being over the top and although my natural lashes aren’t too bad without, I definitely love the look of longer and thicker lashes to finished the look off, especially if I’m going on a night out.

I definitely recommend Beyond Natural false lashes by Revlon to anyone who wants a little extra drama, but without the extravagant look. They are super easy to apply, especially with a good glue like Due, and easily peel off and bend back into shape in their box so you can use them again and again.

You can buy Revlon’s Beyond Natural false lashes from ASDA for around £7 for the twinpack. A great deal for two sets with amazing quality!


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