Interview with plus model and singer/songwriter Natalia Sidortsova


Natalia Sidortsova is a singer, songwriter, actress and plus model from Russia. With her great amounts of talents and amazing beauty, Natalia is a big inspiration of mine, and hopefully for many other curvy women!

How did you get into plus size modelling, and do you have any advice for plus sized women wanting to get into that industry?
First of all I’m an actress and a singer. My profession helped me get into the photo industry and make new acquaintances with photographers, stylists, and make up artists. About 4 years ago I took part in a big photo project held by one of the famous photographers in Russia. I was invited there as an actress and when we finished he told me I should try modeling. He advised me to shoot model tests and send them to agencies and companies. I did as he said and was lucky to sign my first contract with Russian plus size trademark “Zrimo”.
 My advice for those curvy girls who want to be models and not just models but women of success is the following:
Be objective about yourself; not all of us (Plus size girls) can be models because of our height or weight. But each of us is unique in our own way and we should emphasize our individuality.
Start wearing heels and don’t be afraid of bright colors.
Proper make up can create beauty out of any girl of any looks and complexion.
If you have done all this and are now sure modeling is your future career, then find a photographer and make your own look book. These pictures might be the first shots of a brand new star in plus size fashion.

Have you ever struggled with low confidence as a plus sized woman in what seems a skinny dictated trend?
Yes, Sure. I have been “fat” since the age of 5 and I don’t know how it feels to be slim or skinny. Of course at school I had conflicts with classmates but I learned to stand up for myself!

As a plus sized model, you must have lots of confidence and love your job. How would you advise women on gaining confidence and loving their bodies?
I have already given some advice in the previous question. The only thing I can add is that loving your body is a science we have to study the whole life. I truly believe there are many skinny girls who have a lack of self-confidence and it’s normal that we have such feelings; It’s in woman’s nature. We should accept our emotions first and then accept our own body.

Do you have any fashion tips on extenuating your curves and looking your best?
I always say fashion is a rule, style is an exception. The best thing about style is that you can choose ANY! When I was 19 I had strawberry red hair, a lot of metal in my ears and nose, and a tattoo in a funny place! I got rid of it of course but 2 years later I liked to look like a hippie, and then I experimented with mini skirts! Now I’m 30 and I prefer to be elegant. Being a lady is not that bad!

How do you feel about the lack of plus size models in the fashion industry, especially fashion runways?
I hope the situation is changing now. There were some plus size models at NYFW this year and they were gorgeous!

Do you have any plus size model idols, if so, who?
Denise Bidot. She is absolute perfection!

What is one piece of clothing or accessory that is essential for a curvy figure?
A pair of jeans that suit perfectly and classic light beige heels.
How do you maintain your curvy figure?
I go to the gym to do fitness, yoga, aerobics. As for the food, I try to eat more protein and fiber. But I soooo love sweets and cakes! Sometimes I can’t help it!

Where is your dream publication or company where you would love to feature?
Actually it’s not connected with modeling but I’d love to be on the cover of Rolling stone as a Grammy award winner!  But this is just a dream.

And finally, what are your plans for your modelling future?
Right now I’m negotiating to be a face and a spokesmodel of a Russian/American Eco cosmetic line here in Russia, and I still have shootings for catalogues. But now I mostly concentrate on my stage career!

 Photo credits: Victoria Janashvili, Valeria Coconova &Julia Bushuyeva.


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