Interview: Body positivity and healthy curves with plus model Lornalitz

lornalitzAs a well-known plus model you are an icon and an inspiration to many girls of every size. How do keep a healthy mind and courage to model in what sometimes seems like a thin fuelled fashion industry?

I have a true love for what I do and to be able to make a living out of it has been an absolute blessing. I always put god first in everything and anything but I still work very hard at the same time. Knowing I am doing  my very best and leaving the rest in his hands gives me the healthy peace of mind and courage to continue pursing my dreams.

With the average size of women in the UK and the US being bigger than the size of most models we see on TV and on magazines, how do you think the media portrays women and what do you think should be changed?

I see a change happening already. There are plenty of women on TV and in magazines in the US, whom young girls are able to relate. When I was growing up there weren’t many I could relate with. There is a huge change happening within the media with size diversity and I think it is only going to get better from here on.


You struggled with an eating disorder a few years ago but you beat it and now encourage a healthy lifestyle at any size. What advice do you have for girls who struggle with body image and self-esteem issues?

 I began modeling at a young age (12 years old) and around that time plus modeling really didn’t exist, which unfortunately lead to many young girls, with big modeling dreams, go to the extreme trying to fit industry standards. As I continued to mature mentally, physically and spiritually my body also began to develop and I started to fall in love with myself. I totally encourage a healthy life style and I’ve found it works for me. The advice I can give to those who are struggling with body image and self esteem issues is the ask yourself: “What makes you so unhappy? What would make you truly happy? Who do you have around you that makes you feel unhappy? Who do you have around you who makes you happy?”. I think going to the core of the problem and asking yourself these questions will help.  

What style and fashion tips and tricks do you have for the curvy girl who needs a bit of a boost?

Fashion is meant to be fun and it has no rules. Now curvy girls have so many great options when it comes to style and trends. I’d say have fun, try on different styles, and find what works best for you and there’s only one more thing to do after that and that’s to OWN IT!


You starred in NuVo TV’s reality show Curvy Girls in which you and some other Latina models were filmed in a day in the life of plus modelling. What was your experience like showing your modelling life to all and would you appear on a reality TV show again?

Starring on Curvy Girls was my second reality show. Model Latina Las Vegas was my first and also helped me land on Curvy Girls. Being on both shows totally was a stepping stone for my career and I am grateful for the experience. Will I appear on another reality show? Hmm, I am going to have to say no for now. I am currently working on a few other projects which are TV/Film related but not reality TV.


You are an inspiration to many women, but which models are your inspirations?

Growing up my modeling inspirations were Tyra banks and Christy Turlington.

Finally, what are your plans for the future in the plus modelling industry?

I don’t have any plans on stopping that’s for sure 🙂

You can follow Lornalitz on her social media sites below:

Twitter: @Lornalitz
IG: @Lornalitz

lornalitz 2


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