Negotiated Portfolio – News Story #1

For our negotiated portfolios, we have been asked to produce three self-generated 350-400 word news stories.

Thinking locally, there is always a news story to be found or extended on, but I happened to come across word that a plus model that I am a fan of would be putting her modelling aside to start wrestling. The two contrasting careers had me thinking that it would make a great news story, especially as the careers are so different, and Natalie is quite an established model in the US.

The first thing I did was contact Natalie and ask if I could write about her career change for a news story, to which she agreed happily. I then planned the questions about why she wanted to change career and if she will continue to model. We then set up a date to Skype, so I could ask her the questions, and gather some more information on her part.

Natalie gave me some great quotes about her transition which really explain her thought process about the change.

I then contacted Valkyrie via email, the wrestling group she will be joining, to which I asked about what they thought about Natalie joining them. Kris Levin, the event organiser gave me a good quote about meeting Natalie and what Valkyrie thought about Natalie as a wrestler.

This news story would be pitched towards a local newspaper in the New York area, as that is wear Natalie Monet is from and where Valkyrie is situated.

I have sent the first finished draft of this news story to my lecturer for some feedback, which hopefully will help me perfect this news story.


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