Negotiated Portfolio Album Review


For my negotiated portfolio I will be reviewing White Pony, Deftones’ third album which was released in 2000.

I have chosen to review an album because I am a big music lover, and I want to add some diversity to my portfolio as a lot of my portfolio content is beauty, fashion and lifestyle related. In the future, I would also like to write about music and contribute to music magazines. A big music lover, specifically alternative metal, nu-metal, dream pop and experimental, White Pony, will be an interesting album to review for me as it is over ten years old, but the genre of music is still very popular now and Deftones have a very large fan base and have inspired many bands,

In 600 words I want to give the reader an overall feel to the album, clarifying the music’s emotion and style, and a track by track mini review to really desribe the tracks’ style and lyrics.

I will also proved an overall rating at the end of the review and what I like and dont like about the album.

A review such as this would fit into music magazines and websites, specifically rock and metal magazines such as NME, MetalHammer, or The Big Cheese.


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