Want Long Nails?


Lately my nails have grown so much longer than usual and are still holding strong! I haven’t been taking any supplements lately, or changed any routines so at first I was confused, but obviously really happy with my long nails.

Then I realised I have been doing something different lately, and that is eating loads of spinach. Cooked or raw, I have been eating spinach every day with my breakfast of poached eggs, or mixed in with my dinner. It goes with everything!

I will eat spinach raw in salads, or cooked into meals like pasta and curries. It’s pretty easy to incorporate it into meals and it’s tasty and also helps fill you up.

Spinach is packed with iron and calcium which aid stronger bones, hair and nails and I am definite it is the spinach I have been eating nearly every day that has made my nails grow longer and stronger!

Anyone else notice that iron and calcium filled foods help their nails?


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