Negotiated Portfolio – Profile Piece of Martin Dorey

After a stressful two weeks of emailing someone from the Neill Gorton Studio back and forward, I realised the make up artist I wanted to interview was too busy to set down an interview for.

I then thought about my plan B – Martin Dorey of One Man and his Campervan and the 2 Minute Beach Clean project. Martin, being local to where my parents live had replied to my email asking for an interview, to which we met up in Bude on March 20th in a beach cafe.

I bought along my dictaphone and my notepad with questions and I interviewed him there in the cafe. my questions ranged from his history of travelling and cooking, to his beach clean project.

After the interview I took 3 or photos of Martin on the beach including one of him looking out to sea, another of him with a litter haul, and another of him standing by his beach clean station. I will have to edit these photos slightly as that day it was a bit bright.

The profile piece I have planned is to be a descriptive piece about Martin and how he came to Cornwall in his teens for surf, and how he became cooking. I also plan to include his love for the beach and nature, and why he built the 2 Minute Beach Clean project.

A profile piece such as this would suit a Cornish lifestyle magazine or any British travelling and lifestyle magazine with it probably making the front page as it is a big focus piece.



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