Interview with Plus Size Model Lexi Placourakis (Part 2)

[Lexi for Plus Model Magazine] Photography: @ineslewis
[Lexi for Plus Model Magazine]
Photography: @ineslewis
You recently set up Shooting for Confidence. Can you tell us a little about it and how it started?

As much as my supporters tell me how much my pictures and messages inspire them, I wanted to give my supporters the chance to be inspiration to others as well! I have always wanted to get involved with the awesome people who support me in some way. I came up with this concept “Shooting for Confidence” while answering some messages and put it into action right away! I literally thought about it and ended up shooing it two weeks later!! I did open all 400 plus submissions and I do appreciate everyone who submitted, I can’t say that enough.

What was the main reason for starting Shooting for Confidence?

To raise awareness about the lack of confidence EVERY women or girl faces despite her size. Confidence doesn’t have a particular size. So I wanted to bring everyone together and try to get women who wouldn’t normally feel confident a little closer to confidence. It was also a fun way for me to interact with my supporters. I wasn’t expecting it to have such an amazing response and originally thought it would be a one-time thing! But now I am realizing this is not a one-time thing, I will be going to different places to shoot with women all over! New places and dates are soon to come! I think my next stop would be in LA!

[Lexi for Shooting for Confidence] Potography: @bradolsonphotography
[Lexi for Shooting for Confidence] Potography: @bradolsonphotography
A popular goal for curvy girls at the moment is to aim to be healthy and not skinny. How do you maintain your body, and do you work out? Any fitness tips?

I would say a lot of my body maintenance comes from how I eat, your food intake alone can change your body drastically. When I work out it’s a lot of walking on an incline, lunges – the painful things people don’t like to do! I will say thanks to my son, the right side of my body is very strong and little more toned then the left side from carrying him around the past few years – one of motherhoods many perks.

You are a big inspiration for many curvy girls. Did you ever think you’d become a model and so popular in the curvy world?

Thank you for saying that, and no, I had no clue! I still don’t feel super popular but I feel like I am a small part of a huge movement and flattered to be any part at all. I am not trying to be the most famous model ever; I am just using the small platform that I have for a good message.


What is your go to outfit and make up look for a night out that makes you feel beautiful and confident every time?

I do love a sexy dress, but my go to outfit is pretty simple. I am a jeans, nice blazer and awesome shoe kind of girl. Simple but sexy at the same time. As far as make up, growing up my mom never let my sister and I wear make up till we were juniors in high school, so it made me very confident with a bare face, not to say I don’t wear make up because I do! I love the process of getting ready any putting it on more than anything else lol but I like a natural look most of the time, I stay away from heavy eye liner unless it’s a night outing.

Do you ever have low days where you feel not as confident as usual? If so, how do you combat that?

Absolutely!!! I have days that I feel like I cant find anything to wear and I feel like I look horrible in everything. But I just make sure to get myself out anyway. It might not be my most confident day but I’m not perfect.


You have a lot of UK based fans. Will there be any UK visits/meet ups in the future?

I would love that! I have never been there so it would be an amazing experience! I am thinking about bringing my campaign out there! We will see!

@bradolsonphotography @lexieleni  @shooting.for.confidence


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