Barry M Speedy Quick Dry Nail Paint Review


Most people know I collect Barry M polishes, but I had not yet tried the Speedy Quick Dry line, until now.

I picked up the In a Heartbeat coral pink-orange colour from my local superdrug because I felt like I needed a bright, spring/summer colour to add to my collection. On their own, most Barry M polishes are around £3.99, however Superdrug are doing a 2 for £6 deal right now, so I picked up another polish too.

As always, the packaging is pretty cute, and the handle has a black and white racing flag design, which links in with the line’s name.

On the first try, I was surprised to see a different shape to the brush. Usually Barry M has round brushes, but this is a squared off flat shape. Apparently the brushes shape is for “an easier application, a more precise finish can be achieved in just 2 quick coats”.

Personally, I am not sure of the brush shape as I found it a little harder and my nails are more of a round shape than square, but perhaps it is something to get used to!


When applied, the formula is fairly thin and needs a second or even third coat, but it does seem to dry pretty quickly. I also applied a clear top coat by Barry M for extra shine and to help it last through the week which I will update!

I would recommend In a Heartbeat to anyone looking for a spring/summer pop of colour. It is cheap, easy to use (if you like flat, square brushes), and dries pretty quick like it says!


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