Negotiated Portfolio – Comment Piece

For my comment piece, I thought of a few ideas I wanted to cover, such as animal testing, and being Cornish. But I thought that I would cover fat stigma instead as it is always relevant. As a plus girl myself I have an opinion on the matter, from people treating you different because of the way I look, to some plus models who are trying to change the fashion world, promoting healthy curves.

I wanted to take the angle from being a plus girl with experience of being pre-judged. I have experience of people treating me badly, and having self esteem issues so my angle came pretty easy to me. I also wanted to include some background information about me, and how I was treated, although now looking back I feel that maybe that wasn’t the best option and maybe including background information about fat stigma and the frowned upon plus lifestyle from years ago to make it a little less personal, and more general. Although I do think my opinion is interesting and valid, I think it might be a good read for any girls or guys with self esteem issues.

A comment piece such as this would suit any women’s lifestyle or fashion magazines, specifically plus fashion magazines like SLiNK or Skorch. I would not be front page material, however it would feature with some articles about self esteem and fat stigma.



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