Negotiated Portfolio – News Story #3

For my third news story, I decided to write about the new Cornish archive centre being made for Redruth in 2017. The archive, planned by Kresen Kernow is set to hold Cornish literature, studies and art on the old brewery site in Redruth. As a lottery funded project, this plan aims to educate locals and tourists about the rich Cornish history and will combine literature and data from the Cornwall Record Office and Scilly Historic Environment Records. I decided to write a news story about this opening as I feel it is an interesting and exciting plan for Cornwall and will hopefully educate more people.

For quotes I spoke to Kim Cooper, the Principle Library Officer of Cornish studies for some insight into the plans, and details about what the archive centre will have for the public. I also spoke to Deborah Tritton, the Archive Services Manager for some more in deep information about the centre.

A news story such as this would suit any local Cornish paper such as The West Briton, Western Morning News, and The Cornish Guardian amongst others. It could be front page material if there are not any serious stories for that day or week.


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