Q&A with Fuller Figure Fuller Bust’s George

george George from Fuller Figure Fuller Bust has been test driving lingerie for us curvy girls on her blog for a few years and has since gained popularity within the plus size fashion world for her beautiful hourglass figure, her healthy lifestyle, Channel 4’s Plus Sized Wars and her very own dress line – Lady Voluptuous. George spoke to me about the show, her favourite styles and body image tips.

Being curvy is now something a lot of women would love to be. Growing up did you want to be curvy and embrace your body, or did you try and fight it?

George: I wasn’t a particularly big child, but as soon as puberty hit my boobs and bum came in and suddenly I felt like a freak.  I didn’t see ‘curves’, I just saw ‘bigger’ and ‘different’ and ‘fat’ and it took me a long time to make peace with my body.
George shooting for Fraulein Annie Lingerie
As a curvy teen of the 2000s when slim was in, where did you shop for your clothes and was a limit in styles for your figure?
G: I shopped in M&S, Peacocks, Punkyfish, C&A and anywhere that catered to my size.  I tried to dress like all the other girls around me but I never looked like them as  my larger figure didn’t look quite so cute in baggy shirts and little skirts.
At what point in your life did you start to like your body shape, and what changed your mind?
G: I think that my disdain for my shape came from trying so hard to dress like my peers, and it was only when I was travelling alone in Australia and went to buy new clothes that I truly looked in the mirror and tried on things that I liked.  I appreciated how I looked and didn’t care so much about not being slim.
Magic Owen Photography
You have a beautiful hourglass figure, what styles of clothing suit women of hourglass/voluptuous shape?
G: That’s very kind, thank you! I mean personally I like things that show off my waist and aren’t too high necked but really, anything goes!
My real appreciation for my figure came when I discovered the vintage repro style – they really know how to flatter that shape!
What are your favourite brands or shops that cater for the curvy figure?
G: Collectif, Pinup Girl Clothing, Pepperberry, Lady V London and BiuBiu are probably my faves.
George modelling for her blog. Photography by Robbie C
What brand would be your dream to model for and why?
G: Ooh so many!  A high end designer would be cool though – that awesome styling – and that would mean they had increased their sizes.
Who are the plus size models that have inspired you?
Ashley Graham for sure.  She is so happy with her body but still works hard to stay fit and just be an awesome human! I love so many others but it’s mostly all about Ashley!
You recently appeared on Channel 4’s Plus Size Wars. Did you like how it turned out, and would you change anything?
I mostly enjoyed the show!  I would have loved to have seen a hell of a lot more Velvet d’Amour as she was the first model of such a large size to get signed and walk the catwalk for a huge designer.  It would have been nice to see a few more bloggers and a bit more about how the brands pick their lines and try to evolve them to cater for their customers.
George modelling for Marina Rinaldi

What is your go-to healthy meal after a long day when you don’t want to spend ages cooking?

G: Ooh, it’s really bad but if you really can’t be bothered to cook, a fruit and veg smoothie and some poached eggs!

What tips would you give to fuller figured young girls finding it hard to love the skin they’re in?
To look at similar bodied models and bloggers.  To listen to compliments.  To post selfies and photos online because that can make you feel wonderful. And to dress for themselves and no one else.  My unhappiness as a teenager stemmed from me trying to like my peers and my happiness came from never having to keep up with anyone.
And finally, what are your plans regarding modelling and Lady Voluptuous for the next year?
I’m not really sure what will happen, I just hope it’s good and everyone loves it!  Bigger, better,  and more appealing!

George modelling her own dress from Lady Voluptuous
George modelling her own dress from Lady Voluptuous

Follow George here:

Website: www.fullerfigurefullerbust.com

Twitter: www.twitter.com/FFigureFBust

Facebook: www.facebook.com/FullerFigureFullerBust

Pepperberry: http://www.bravissimo.com/pepperberry


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