Top 6 Plus Fashion Models Making Waves in the Fashion Industry Right Now


With the average size of UK and US women being a size 16, it is not surprising that amount of plus modes making waves in the fashion industry is rising with some inspirational effects. Here are the top plus models you should be following!

Ashley Graham

The 27-year-old Latina beauty from Nebraska has been modelling since the age of 12 and has since modelled for big names such as Evans, Nordstrom, Simple Be and Target to name just a few and is the face for Lane Bryant lingerie. However recently Ashley has been better known for her releasing her own lingerie line designed for women with curves and making the front page of Sports Illustrated as the first plus model to do so representing “Swimsuits for all” with her own advert.

Denise Bidot

Another Latina, Peuto Rican/Kuwaiti Denise started off as a humble makeup artist for TV but was spotted because of her hourglass figure and exotic features. Denise has since modelled for Forever 21+, Target, Levi’s and Macy’s amongst so many others. Denise also starred in NuVo TV’s reality TV show Curvy Girls and made history during 2014’s New York Fashion Week as the first plus model to walk the runway for a straight sized brands, something that has changed the fashion industry and sizing stigma!

Jada Sezer

London based plus model Jada is taking the UK fashion industry by storm. Jada, who is also a Latina (Seeing a theme here?) has modelled for popular UK clothing sites and stores like ASOS and Newlook and walked the runway at London Fashion Week. She has also teamed up with and campaigned for Dove, Debenhams and Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuits for All. Jada’s clean, sophisticated and monochrome style is something quite original along with her blog filled with inspirational posts and style tips.

Tess Munster

A controversial model, Tess Munster is perhaps one of the biggest models in today’s fashion industry. At a size 26 Tess from Mississippi represents the other side of the scale for plus fashion and has a huge following across the US and the UK. Her tattoos and pinup style adds to her alternative style however Tess isn’t without backlash. She is often ridiculed for being big and “promoting obesity” and has been turned down by model agencies however Tess pushes on and recently got signed to London’s top model agency Milk Management and is still one top model making some serious changes in the fashion industry.

Nadia Aboulhosn

A model who has shot to fame fairly recently is pint sized Nadia Aboulhosn from Florida. Nadia who first was known as a fashion blogger was featured because of her writing by Look, Teen Vogue and Seventeen Magazine amongst many more and has modelled for American Appparel, Addition Elle, Stylist Magazine and Boohoo which she always designed a plus range for. Nadia is also well known for her active online personality where she regularly tweets and Instagrams her day to day life.

Natalie Monet

And finally New York City’s Natalie Monet. Since winning Torrid’s House of Dreams model search, Natalie has modelled for Lane Bryant, Forever 21+, has featured in Plus Model Magazine and appeared in the documentary “A Perfect 14” where she spoke about the plus size industry and what it is like to be a plus sized model. However recently, Natalie has started training as a wrestler and promotes a healthy and fit lifestyle, gym inspiration along with being badass!


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