Zoeva Smokey Eyeshadow Pallete Review

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Over the past few months I have been seeing beautiful photos of Zoeva cosmetics all over Instagram, and I was intrigued to look further into them as the products looked really pretty. When I looked on https://www.zoeva-shop.de/ I was so happy to see that this company supports German  charities that include violence against women, stem cell donation, and women in need! As I am a big lover of companies that give back to society and support charities, I just had to buy something!

I picked out their Smokey pallete, a 10 piece eyeshadow set with smokey neutrals, browns greys a purple and a black. It comes in a cardboard style flip pallete with a beautiful smokey grey and black design on the front.

image2 (1) - Copy

The eyeshadows include are (from left to right): Relieve The Moon, Sleep To Dream, Soul Searching, Sweet Smell, Dark Edge, Dust Memories, Smokey Wishes, Elegant Chaos, Ashes Awake, and Real Light.

Having a highlight shade, crease colours, and matte dark colours really makes this pallete an essential for evening eye makeup ideas as you have everything you’ll need to create a beautiful and sultry look!

image3 (1) image4 (1)

The quality of the shadows are really good and pigmented and blend nicely. I would put them on par with MAC, however possibly not as pigmented and as strong as Sleek. But none the less for the money I paid for this pallete it is well worth the €17.50 (£12.39)!

I will definitely be buying more of the palletes and some of their vegan brushes!


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