Zoeva Cocoa Blend Eyeshadow Palette Review

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After buying and trying Zoeva’s Smokey Palettes, I was very keen to buy another, so I chose the Cocoa Blend Eyeshadow palette in hopes of something perfect for autumn and winter. I was drawn to Cocoa Blend because of its gold and brown packaging that resembles a chocolate bar, and the luxury looking colours inside – Golds, browns and darks.

The palette contains 10 colours: (Top row) Bitter start, sweeter end, warm notes, subtle end and beans are white. (Bottom row) Pure ganache, substitute for love, freshly roasted, infused, and delicate acidity.


Bitter Start: A highlight shade. Creamy off-white colour perfect for highlighting the browbone and tear duct.
Sweeter End: An ivory shade. Would look great on the centre of the eyelid.
Warm Notes: A deep bronzed copper red shade. Very pigmented and would look great blended into the crease.
Subtle End: Medium brown with some shimmer. Could be used on the lid or in the crease.


Beans are White: Deep matte brown. Perfect for darkening up the crease or lining the eyes.
Pure Ganache: Shimmery gold. Perfect for centre of eyelid.
Substitute for Love: Light, matte chocolatey brown. Would be great in the crease or transition colour.
Freshly Toasted: Darker chocolate colour. Another great crease colour.


Infusion: Deep, dark brown with gold flecks. Beautiful shade for the crease or a glam smokey look.
Delicate Acidity: A mauve/purple shade. Would look beautiful all over the eyelid.

All the shadows are greatly pigmented with a couple that are extremely pigmeted like Warm Notes and Beans are White. With plenty of mattes and some shimmers, it is really easy to create a smokey look, or a glowing look, perfect for Christmas time!

Another great product from Zoeva! And for only €7.50 (£12.91) you really can’t go wrong! Also, Zoeva support charities in Germany, so it is an all round great company with great value, and ethics!

Check out the palette here: https://www.zoeva-shop.de/en/cocoa-blend-eyeshadow-palette/a-9008579/


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