Interview with Curves on a Budget

Photography: Travis Dandoy

Helping all of us curvy girls dress to impress without breaking the bank is Nicole Edelen, owner of Curves on a Budget blog, stylist, and plus model. I speak to Nicole all things plus fashion,  brands, and confidence.

You’re an inspiration to many girls wanting style that flatters their curves on a budget. What inspired you to create a blog for curvy women who are on a budget?
I have actually been posting outfits for a couple of years now, but it’s mainly been Instagram based. I decided to start an official blog earlier this year after I met a couple local plus size bloggers (Sometimes Glam & Boardroomblonde). I saw how much fun it could be, how they inspired, the new friendships they made. I absolutely wanted to be apart of that. 
What are your favourite inexpensive clothing brands that have plenty choice for curvy girls?
Love this question! I remember when discovering affordable options was like finding the fountain of youth. My go-to brands are 1). Fashion to Figure-they’re very youthful and trendy. 2.) BooHoo-they’re a UK brand and I don’t think anything is over $40. 3). Charlotte Russe- the sizing is junior plus, but their jeans go up to a size 26! 
Photography: Travis Dandoy
How do you budget yourself when buying clothes?  Do you have a maximum budget?
When buying clothes I take a couple of factors into consideration. I like to think about what I already have in closet and how the new item will pair with existing items. If you’re on a budget I think it’s especially important that you learn to recycle your clothes because it lets you get creative and find new fresh ways to wear them. I used to buy 2-3 Full head-to-toe outfits at a time and it cost me what seemed like a fortune. Now I easily cut that cost in half and buy a few different pieces and accessories and pair them with each other so I have multiple looks! Hmmm , a maximum budget? I think it depends on the brand and the piece. There a few places I’d happily splurge for. 
What is your favourite outfit for a night out which is glam, but doesn’t break the bank?
I’m all about sleek body-con and I like to keep thing very monochromatic. I actually just got the perfect night out look from Fashion to Figure. It’s a dark purple crop top and midi skirt set with a ton of ruching! It’s a simple two piece look, but the details are what make it ultra glam. 
Photography: Jolene of Boardroomblonde
What is your go-to outfit to flatter your curves?
For starters it’s all black. Definitely a basic black tank body con midi dress, a blazer, heels and accessories. There’s just something about wearing all black the makes me feel unstoppable. Clothing can only go so far, it’s how you feel when wear it. 
You look so confident in your photos. Have you always been confident in the skin you’re in?
When I started blogging I was a completely different person than I am now. A full body photo was absolutely forbidden. A bikini picture! Oh hell no! Through my blog I was introduced to this community of other women just like me. They had their struggles and that worked through and learned to love themselves. I owe my confidence tony blog 100%. Taking full body pictures and talking about my experiences really helped me find myself. It helped me learn to love myself.
Photography: Travis Dandoy
Many girls, especially teens find it hard to feel confident if they’re plus size. What confidence and style advice do you have for young girls struggling with body image issues?
I say break the rules, take risks and try every plus size fashion “don’t” at least once, you might surprise yourself. I know I have. Wear what makes comfortable and wear what you like. Don’t feel pressured to pull off every single trend. For example, this Fall is all about the 70’s vibe. I tried to get on board and I just couldn’t. No thank you, not for me and that’s okay. I’ll choose comfort over trendy any day and on my best days I’ll get the best of both worlds! 
As well as running your blog, you also model too. How did you get into modelling? And what kind of shoots do you like to do best?
This is hard question for me because I’m not entirely sure I consider myself a legit plus size model. Yes, I model for my blog…so okay, I guess that counts. In that case, got into modelling when I started my blog. I haven’t really done too much outside of my blog so I don’t think I have a favorite shoot, but I do have a fantasy shoot. It would very Avant Garde. I would be on location in a beautiful flowy dress with insane hair and make-up. Kind of Amazon meets Hollywood.
Photography: Jolene of Boardroomblonde
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  1. Hi, i decided to stop by and let you know i really enjoyed your post! Very cool and interesting (and stylish too!!) keep it up!
    Come check out my blog if you get the time, would love to know what you think!
    Keep blogging!
    Ps. Really good questions!

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