Curves with model Laura Lee


When did you first decide that you wanted to model?

I’ve been dreaming about this since I can remember… When I was growing up I didn’t have any plus size models that I could look up to. Every model was tiny and mini and tall and had the longest legs. I’m 5’6”, a curvy short thick thing, with cellulite, rolls here and there and a big booty. Society, magazines and people were basically telling me for years I couldn’t be a model… Almost 2 1/2 years ago a stranger on Instagram gave me that last push that I needed to truly believe in myself and go for it. I entered a contest, became the face of that plus size magazine (ManikMag) and after we did our 1st shoot, 6 days later I signed a contracts with Bicoastal.  

Being a plus size girl aspiring to model, what was your support like? Did you receive any negativity towards your aspiration?

From day 1 the support I’ve been getting from my family, friends, people I went to school with years ago, even strangers and fans has been amazing! The messages, DM’s, Texts, they honestly push me harder. There are days that I’m rundown from working 2 jobs, and I open my social media and those little messages about how I’m inspiring them, or they tell me about their life story that they can relate to me, or a girlfriend is finally loving what she sees in the mirror, that makes my week, month, year. That is my favourite part of this job.

But there have been some negative things that I’ve had to deal with. The comments I can handle, you have to not let those things get to you, because some of those comments are wicked and if you are not strong enough, they will destroy you. I don’t let that happen, I feed off them “LOOK AT ME, IM HEALTHY, NOT A SIZE 2 AND IM MAKING MONEY BEING JUST ME.” You find out who people are when things go good for you, their colours show, and I’ve shed those Negative Nancy’s out of my life. It actually sad, that people have that mentality.


Many young girls and even women who are not skinny feel the pressures of thinking that they have to look a certain way. Do you have any advice for girls and women to help them feel beautiful in the skin they’re in?

BE YOU! Look in the mirror, tell yourself I AM BEAUTIFUL, IM WORTH IT. So many women take what society thinks you should look like and obsess over it. No, JUST BE YOU! Stop thinking you need to have all these things check off to be the perfect 10. You are a 10, you just need to see it.

How do you keep yourself feeling at your most beautiful and confident?

I live each day knowing that what I see in the mirror, I LOVE. Don’t get me wrong there are days when I’m in sweats and my hair in a crazy pineapple bun and I look like a bus ran me over 10x, but that doesn’t bother me. I’m confident, when I think I look fabulous and when I look like death.  

The plus size fashion industry now seems to be booming lately after many more plus models inspiring others and runway appearances. What would you like to see happen in the plus size industry to keep moving forward?

ITS ABOUT DAMN TIME! I want it to continue, and grow! Every clothing company should have larger sizes, the way society thinks about bigger sized people needs to change. We aren’t ugly, we aren’t disgusting, we can probably rock the shit out of the outfit.


Many models have debated the “keep the plus” and “drop the plus” topic. Where do you stand?

In the beginning I was all for keeping it but now that I been seeing everything we all matter, any size, shape, race, we are just MODELS! Plus-size is the category that I’ve been placed in solely because of my the size I wear. Drop it! I am a model.

What is your favourite type of shoot?

I don’t have a favourite type of shoot, I love them all… Something just happens to you when you get in front of that camera, it’s like no other feeling.

Finally, do you have any advice or tips for someone looking to try plus size modelling?

Believe in yourself, have faith, and LOVE every inch of you, cellulite included. Your life will change once you see it.


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