NEW: Zoeva Nude Spectrum Blush Palette Review

image2 (12)

New to Zoeva is the spectrum collection. 3 eyeshadow palettes ranging in cool, nude and warm, and 3 blush palettes ranging in pink, coral and nude. All products come in black, sleek and chic packaging and I am so excited to try out them all!

The first item from the spectrum collection that I have bought is the nude blush palette. For €17.80 (£13.52) you get 4 warm nude shades ranging from a deep chocolate brown, to a light milk chocolate tone.

image3 (4).JPG

image1 (13).JPG









(Swatches from left to right)

When swatched I was amazed at how pigmented, soft and strong the shades were, meaning a little will go a long way with this palette.
The darkest shade (ND030) is a rich, chocolatey colour with shimmer. Perfect for anyone with a dark skin tone, or for someone wanting that deep, bronzled look.
The second shade (NDo10) is a pinky/light brown with shimmer and would be a beautiful touch of glow for any make up look.
Third (NDo40) is a matte, mid-brown shade which could be used a contour as it is matte, or as a blush if used lightly.
And lastly is (ND040),  light to medium chocolate tone with shimmer. Again, a lovely glowing shade that would lighten up any make up look, without the darkness.

This palette is honestly so beautiful. 4 chocolatey browns, with shimmers and a matte, and all with high pigmentation and a soft, velvety texture meaning it will be so easy to blend. At €17.80, this palette is great value for money, and I will be purchasing the rest of the collection!





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