Soap and Glory One Heck of a Blot Foundation Review

image1 (14).JPG

I’ve always enjoyed Soap and Glory’s bath and body products like their moisturisers and body scrubs, so I decieded to try out their “One Heck of a Blot” liquid to powder foundation.

I was pleasently suprised by the swatch; it was light, matte and had a really soft touch, almost powdery, which I usually do really like in foundations as it usually means it is mattifying.

image2 (15).JPG

Before: As you can see, I am not suffering from many spots right now, but I do have redness and pigmentation around my nose and cheeks. I’m still oily in my T zone, too.




image3 (5)

After: The foundation covers my redness and pigmentation easily and feels so soft and smooth! Like I though, there is some powder with the foundaton which S&G call “Super blur” powders and I think this definitely helps with staying matte throughout the day. I wore this without a primer, and it lasted a good 9 hours without any blotting as the powders kept me pretty matte. And yes, I am aware this shade is a little too light for me!

So, for £12 you get a foundation and a powder in one! It goes on liquid, but as you blend into your skin it turns powdery and soft, giving you the ultimate matte and shine free face. I would recommened this to anyone with oily skin like me that wants something that will last all day. The onyl negative I will say is that I feel the shades are a little lighter than you think, and they only provide 4 shades, so choose wisely!







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