New body types for Barbie!


As of this year, Barbie maker Mattel will be releasing a whole new range of barbie, with a whole new range of body types!

The new range will feature, along with the orignal, petite, curvy, and tall and to me this is great news. As a little girl I was MAD about barbies, and probably owned no less than 12, but at the time I never really realised that they ALL came in the same size – slim.
Its not until my teenage years when I really thought about our media and body image that I realised that even kids toys were moulded with the “thin ideal” in mind.

I’m not totally angry about Barbie though, because obviously with toys comes fantasy, and to a girl, pretty dresses, sparkly make up and high heels is fantasy and playing with dolls is make believe. But obviously, there was a lack of body diversity and I think this is harming to little girls. Obviously it is a doll, and you can’t look like a piece of plastic, but there was only ONE every body of barbie, and think how long Barbie has been going and how many versions there were!

Although Mattel are still keeping the orignal shaped Barbie, the other shapes and sizes are a great step forwards for such a massive toy maker. I only hope that they continue to create more sizes like plus size, petite and curvy, tall and curvy etc and broaded their diversity!


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