Comparing bodies


We have all done it – We look down at our sticky out bellies, thick thighs and stubby legs and think to ourselves: “Why are my legs twice the size as hers?”, “How come she has a flat tummy, and mine sticks out?”, “She eats more than me yet I’m fatter”.

I used to do that. I used to compare my growing body with other girls’ growing bodies, and question why my body wasn’t exactly the same as theirs. It’s crazy when you think about it. But then again, no one ever taught us that every body grows completely different, at different rates, and at different times. And whats more, girls start puberty at different times to others. So when I was 13 and growing boobs, and my friend’s were the same age yet were still flat chested, I felt like an elephant. Boys would ping my bra straps and laugh that I was growing (something obviously completely natural and normal) boobs, and I all of a sudden felt more self-conscious in PE.

Even when I was fully grown, I still compared myself to other girls. I compared the size of my boobs, tummy, arms, legs, just about everything to others, but what I was forgetting is that every body is completely different.

Everyone has a different make up, growth rate, metabolism, and body to everyone. You can not possibly compare your body to anyone, because you are a unique person with a unique make up. And that is the beauty of bodies, we are all totally different from eachother and diverse. No one can be someone else, and someone else can’t be you.

And this is how I slowly accepted my body, which in time gave me that body confidence to enjoy my shape and embrace my uniqueness. If everyone had the same body type, fashion would be a very boring place. Diversity is what makes us interesting as humans, it is what gives us “our” personal look, it is what people love us for, and it is what we should love on ourselves, too.


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