Boosting Positivity


Over the past two years, I have made some lifestyle changes that have slowly began to change the way I think about myself as a “plus size” girl in a world where the “thin ideal” idealology is still prominent.

  • Accepting your bodyThe most important change that I made for myself was accepeting my body and it’s shape.
    When you accept how you are made, only then can you decide how to not change your body, but nourish it and make it healthier in your own unique way that suits YOU. This may be by lowering your carb intake, working out more,  or wearing an outfit that flatters YOUR shape.
    Accepting your body can be hard. We all want to change certain things on our bodies and look the best (in our opinions) we can, but when we understand our bodies, then we start to truly appreciate ourselves.
    I used to hate my thick thighs, but I came to accept that thay will never be slender. Instead, I came to accept that they are wonderfully shapely, curvy and look bomb in skinny jeans and tights. Since accepeting myself, I am more confident to wear what I want, talk to who I want, and celebrate my curves.


  • Working out

Something that most gym goers swear by is how they feel after a workout. Exercising releases the happy chemical endorphins, which flood your body after a work out and you instantly feel more clear-minded, less stressed and proud of your abilities. Of course, you also get the added physical health benefits and increased stamina and fitness, which will boost your positivity too! It is a no brainer.

  • Following women/men who are like you

Following some body positive people on the internet is great support. You will see just how real these people are, and how they experience the same issues as you do. They can be inspirational to you, whether it be through their body journey, their gym regimes, healthy eating diaries, or just their personalities.
I follow “plus size” models who have the same body types as me to help myself learn about what I could wear that flatters me. For example, George from Fuller Figure Fuller Bust, Denise Bidot, Ashley Graham and many more. Watching these women slay the curve world really boosts my mood.

  • Eating cleaner

I’m not saying you need to turn vegan, cut out bread, chocolate and sweets. But I have truly seen a drastic improvement with my moods from quitting the microwave meals and cooking more. Through doing this, I have learnt to cook so much better, my fitness has improved, and I feel like insides are so much more better for it. I was a sucker for those “diet foods” that had to say “low fat” on it. But you don’t need these, and most of the time they are packed full of chemicals. Eating clean and eating healthy fats is the way to go to a better mood and better body. You don’t even need to cut down portions, just make sure it’s clean and you can name all the ingredients!

  • Doing something for the environment

Whether that be recycling more, walking more, beach cleans or cutting out plastic, I feel that when I do something good for the environment, I feel so much more better about myself, and in turn I get to see my progress. When I do a beach clean and pick up rubbish, netting and plastics from the shore and see what I have collected, I feel awesome! I have just helped sealife by getting rid of something that would get swept in the sea and potentially kill them. And if you are an animal and beach lover like me, this is something that makes my day!

I hope these tips help anyone who needs a positivity boost. We all have specific things that make us happy, but accepting our bodies and the way we are is my first step. Since accpeting myself, I can truly say that I think my body is killer, and I would have never said that years ago!




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