Makeup Geek Eyeshadows Review

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After ages, I finally got my hands on some Makeup Geek cosmetics! Yay!

I decided to pick out some eyeshadows first, as they didn’t have my contour shade on Beauty Bay. I picked one normal eyeshadow, two duchromes and one foiled and instantly I was amazed at how pigmented and creamy they are! But I will get into that later.

I have been a fan of Marlena (CEO of Makeup Geek) for years. I first subscribed to her YouTube channel around 6-7 years ago, and I fell in love with how skilled, and how driven she is to create beautiful makeup looks. And when I found out she was creating a cosmetic brand, I was over the moon as I knew she would create an awesome brand that wasn’t too pricy but still have excellent quality. And I was extra extra thrilled when I found out that Makeup Geek cosmetics would be cruelty free! I have a lot of admiration for Marlena, and many cosmetics brands don’t bother going cruelty free, but it is a really important issue for Marlena, and many of her fans, like me.

So, I picked out my eyeshadow pans and wasn’t suprised at how brilliant they are. I have heard so many awesome reviews and comments about Makeup Geek, and had watched Marlena talk about her new products in awe on her YouTube.

image3 (2)

The first colour I bought is “Motown”, and this is a matte, deep purple, perfect for creating a smokey eye, or a purple look.

image2 (2).JPG

Second is “Houdini”, a foiled deep green with a bold, metallic foiled finish. This would look amazing on its own, or as a liner affect as it is so powerful and striking.

image4 (1).JPG

Third is “Havoc”, a duochrome warm coloured shadow with a teal reflects. I think this would look awesome on the lid, and then a matte brown blended in the crease. The duochrome effect really makes it interesting and multi-dimensional.


And finally “Secret Garden”, an amazing, strong duochrome green/teal with an espresso base. Again, this is a strong colour and would look beautiful on its own or as a liner effect.

As you can see, each shadow is amazingly pigmented, creamy and no need for a primer! I am so pleased with these and will continue to buy from Makeup Geek. All her products seem the best quality and a reasonable price, and they are cruelty free!

Price: (BeautyBay)
The normal, pressed shadows like Motown are £4.95
Foiled shadows are £7.95
And duochromes are £4.95

These shadows are so worth the price and more! I actually can’t believe how cheap they are, because their quality are so much better than MAC shadows!
If you are cruelty free too, definitely check out Makeup Geek too as Marlena has a strong stance on animal testing and her work on this brand is outstanding!



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